Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Today was a good day!!! Emma's morning chest x ray showed the same ugly left lung but the doctor wants to forge ahead and she is doing good!!! They pulled out her last chest tube this am- it wasn't in proper place anyway, so she is now chest tube free!!! They placed her back onto the regular breathing machine instead of the easier on the lungs panting machine and she is loving it!! She cries more now since she is not as sedated and the first time I cried too- I can't do anything for her!!! But this is all good signs!!! She is up to 8cc/ 3 hours on her feedings, doing well. Please continue your prayers for her left lung!!!!


Mike said...

Thats amazing and great news! I Love you guys and cant wait to see Emma as soon as I able too. I think I speak for all of us when I say THANK YOU for keeping us informed on a daily basis. I know its a chore but it keeps all of us in the loop and gives us hope. I honestly check in at least every other hour or so :) I wish EMMA the best and I am proud of you and Rob. I can only imagine how tough/joyus this is for both of you. Elaine and I will Keep praying for Emma and both of you. Cant wait to see all of you!


(Uncle) Mike

Kate said...

We keep praying for that sweet little angel girl! Go Emma Go! Please let us know if you need anything.

Ashley said...

Yeah!! I'm so glad she's doing ok! Keep fighting Emma. I love you guys so much!
Aunt Ashley

ellenkatherine said...

She's your kid, Am. That means she's a fighter! Praise God!

Crystal and Pavo said...

Im so glad that you put this Blog together, Everyday Pavo, My sis, and I check it and read it to mom and dad. We will all still continue to Pray everyday for You Lil sweet Emma, and for mommy and daddy! Sending lots of love from Up in the COLD/FREEZING Midwest! LOL
Crystal& Pavo

Aunt Veronica said...

Yea Emma! I'm telling you she is a fighter! I love it! We all love you and Bobby both so much and want to thank you for keeping us updated! Sending continuted prayers your way, everyday! Love you tons!