Friday, November 20, 2009

Another Good day

Emma continues to do very well. She is now 1lb 15oz and we are hoping for 2lbs by the weekend!!! She continues to grow!!! They increased her oxygen to 3liters on the nasal cannula but she is doing so much better on that! She had been having "episodes" where her oxygen levels would drop and then her heart rate would drop pretty low but with the increased oxygen she isn't having these nearly as often. They staff says this is a very normal thing for babies as small as Emma- they outgrow it once they get closer to their due date. She is wonderful!!!!

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Aunt Veronica said...

Yea, Emma...keep fighting and keep growing! Thank you for the picture updates. She is so very cute and looks so content and at peace with you and Bobby :-)1 oz away from 2 lbs, she has come such a long way. We will keep praying for continued growth and strength for her! I can't wait to one day hold her!