Saturday, November 21, 2009

2 Pounds of Cuteness!!!

Emma is officially 2lbs 0oz as of last nights weight!!!! I swear its all in her cheeks!! Sorry about all the pics, I'm just a very proud mommy!!! Last night was bath night again and its the most active we see her, hence all the bath time pics... repeat head ultrasound at 1 month is negative(yea!!), still continues to have her "episodes" but the staff says she is just acting her age. Looking very good!!!


Anonymous said...

Amber, you look so beautiful!!! I am still praying for you and your baby girl. I'm so happy she is doing good.

Please continue to stay strong. Even though this is a difficult time for you. You're FAITH has been an inspiration to me. I want to thank you!

Thank you for proving to me that God can do miracles.

Me said...


david said...

YEAH FOR 2 lbs!!!!
She is a doll...we are so happy that she is growing and enjoying all her mommy and daddy time!
With love, Tam and David

Anonymous said...

Thats great.. Awesome!!! COME ON EMMA!!! Still keeping the whole family in our prayers.

Love, Galvan Fam.