Tuesday, November 10, 2009


YEA!!! 19 days old and finally able to be held for the very first time!!! Emma and Mommy did amazing together!!!! What a team we made today! They told me to be prepared if maybe Emma would not be able to be held for a long period of time, they said some babies don't do well the first time around, they said don't take it personal, they said her heart rate could drop, they said her oxygen levels could drop. They were wrong! Emma did absolutely amazing, SHE LOVED IT!!! And I LOVED IT!!! We were able to do 2hours and 15 minutes this morning and then again this afternoon for a total of 4 and a half hours of mommy and me time today!!! They removed her arterial line, discontinued some of her IV fluids, increased her feedings to 9cc every 3 hours. PRAISE JESUS SHE IS DOING AMAZINGLY WELL!!!


Melisa said...

What a wonderful day for the Garza family! I just love seeing the pictures of Mommy and Baby Emma together! Praise God for all little things that mean so very much.

Aunt Amy said...

If anybody tells you something is impossible-look back to when you were a child-
if anybody ever tells you that God isn't here- Look back and know he is near-
You're such a beautiful Angel Girl-
You mean so much to this world-
And when you feel afraid-
Know that you can pray because

God is love, God is Life, God is right by your side!
He'll never leave, never let you go
everyday, every hour, He's right here and he has power-
to do anything, yes HE can do ANYTHING! because...God is LIFE!

Anonymous said...

Thats Awesome!!!!

We are happy to hear the good news..we'll definately keep praying for all the Garza Family!!

Love John, Gris, & Anthony Galvan.....

Mike & Christine said...

Loved the pictures! What a sweet answer to prayer. Just awesome.

Still praying for the doctors and nurses to see God's hand in your little girl's beginning....

Anonymous said...

What a precious sight, these picture are! ..when we are weakest, He is strongest... oh my how strong our God is with you, sweet little Emma!!!

Jim & Carolyn O'Neal said...

Amber, this "mommy" thing looks good on you!Tell Rob hello and just know we are continuing to pray.
Jim & Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Such a precious sight and I know an amazing feeling to be able to finally hold your sweet Emma. Our family is continuing to pray for her strength and continued growth.

The Myers Family,
Your neighbors on the corner :)

ellenkatherine said...

Amber... You make such a lovely mommy. Our family prays for little Emma everyday, and she is never far from my mind. I know God has great yhings in store for her. I love you and pray for you all.


jeromelaque said...

What a wonderful sight to see mommy holding her beautiful daughter. I'm so happy you were able to hold her for a long period of time. It is such a special time for a mommy and daughter to bond. Please let us know if you need anything. We will continue to prayer for you guys.

We love you!!! :0)
Kimberly & Ashlyn LaQue