Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Such Blessings!!!

Emma had a very productive day yesterday. She had a cat scan of her head to check for any damage from her meningitis which came back negative. She had a repeat spinal tap which showed improvement and a much lower bacteria and wbc count. She had her weekly eye exam which showed stage 1 damage which from what I have been told just about all babies born this early have this. She weighs 3lb 8oz, 15 1/3"long. She hasn't had any episodes all day or night!!! She is really doing fabulous!!!!


Mike & Christine said...

God is so merciful!!! Praise the Lord!!!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord, Amber. Your faithfulness and trust is truly being honored! The songs you play and the scriptures you include in your blog have been this Christmas even more special as God has given your friends and family a front-row seat to watch and observe His miracles. I'm so glad to be a part of this showcase of love! Tonya

Daina said...

Great news!