Friday, December 11, 2009

Not to be a Downer but...

We have learned alot today about Emma's infection. She has a staph infection, the group b strep infection, pneumonia from the group b, and bacterial meningitis. We had a new picc line placed, a central iv line that will last a much longer time. They did a head ultrasound looking for any swelling from the meningitis. They consulted an infectious disease doc who spoke with us at legnth about our course of action. 21 days of antibiotics and a wait and see attitude. We will have an EEG done to check the brains electrical pathways for damage. Eventually we will have an MRI of the brain... when she is more stable. She is very sick still and has a long road ahead... we covet your prayers.


Aunt Veronica said...

Amber and Bobby, we are praying hard here asking the Lord to give Emma the strength to overcome these bad infections. We love you all and you are all in our thoughts and prayers tonight...we love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Baby Girl! We just prayed for you. You are not alone, Little One; and neither are you, Momma and Daddy. The Lord God cares about the sparrow, how much more he cares about Baby Emma! When I had meningitis and it hurt to hear or look or stand, there was a song playing in my head from "somewhere".."Jesus will still be there," by Point of Grace. Lord I know You are doing this, but I ask, "Please comfort little Emma and heal her!"

Linda Bailes said...

"As the mountains surround Jeruselum, so the Lord surrounds His people." Amber and Robert, may the Lord pour out an extra-measure of His love and tender mercies upon each of you during this setback with your precious daughter Emma. May He be your total source of comfort and strength. I am fervently praying.

david said...

I sit and read the updates and I'm listening to the song you have playing by Brandon Heath, "Wait and See"...God is not finished with your angel, and there is hope-which I know you two never forget! The hardest thing is to wait and see...but what an amazing gift she has already brought you...this gift will continue!
She is such a fighter...what a tough little girl you have...just wait and and see what other gifts she brings to this world!
Our continued prayers and prayers from those at our church are with Emma and you both!!!
Our love,
Tam and David