Thursday, December 3, 2009

Grow Baby Grow!!!

Everyday I see my beautiful baby girl she looks soo much bigger, every minute. It's like I close my eyes and she has grown more!!! She remains so small but soooo much bigger than our first days together, 2lb 10oz tonight!!! Feedings increased to 20cc/3hrs. She is doing amazing!!!


Lindsay said...

Hey! I've been thinking of you guys! I hadn't been to the blog in a few days and stopped by today and am so excited to see she's doing so well! GO EMMA!!! The recent pics are so cute! Give her a kiss from Frank and I! Hope to see you all soon! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey Amber, I'm glad to see she is doing so good! :)

Ya'll are still in my prayers. Thank you JESUS for watching over baby Emma and healing her.

Our God is an aewsome God!!!

Go Emma!!!