Saturday, December 19, 2009

And HE does it again..

The results from Emma's MRI scan came back yesterday and were negative!!! There is no damage we can see on the scan!!! Such a HUGE praise and a weight lifted from our shoulders!! She continues to do very well. Still on IV antibiotics, feedings to 30cc/hr and still breastfeeding once a day and bottle feeding once a day... Daddy even gave her a bottle last night!!!! Weight is 3lb 15 oz. She's doing great!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Amber! What a tremendous blessing! This blog has been a real gift this Christmas. Thanks for taking the time to let all your prayer warriors know how great God is and the things He has done. The music and scriptures are so glorifying. I love you (PS: send me your new address on FB, will you? I have a Christmas card). Tonya

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! Amber I have to say I follow this blog daily, and cry daily when i read it! This little Angel is an amazing Blessing! Gosh she is beautiful!--- <3-Tawny