Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Well this is the 1st day in Emma's 83 days of life that mom has had to skip out of visiting her and it's killing me!!! I miss her sooooo much!! I woke up this morning with head congestion and a scratchy throat. From frequent phone reports Emma is doing well today. Her labs all came back fine but she has low albumin; a protein in your blood and so hence the swelling. They have added protein powder to her milk so she can increase this number and bulk up like daddy!!! She weighs 5lb 10oz, they upped her feedings to 60cc every 4 hours and decreased her oxygen to 1/2 liter!!! We are still trying to eat all the volume at each feeding.


Anonymous said...

You're doing the right thing, Amber, even though it's hard. I hope you and your Mom are recovering. I found the turquoise ring I was looking for, so you guys can't stop searching :) I can't believe Emma might be able to come home soon. Amazing! She really looks good. This is so great to keep up with her progress daily. Thanks for keeping your prayer partners informed! Tonya

Anonymous said...

She's a beauty!!! Have been enjoying your updates and all that The Lord has done. May The Lord keep blessing you guys! Lexi has had a present wrapped for Emma for about 1 1/2 months!!! Love you all, RL

Mike & Christine said...

How are you feeling Amber? Emergen-C is really great for helping shorten the length of a cold. I hope it was just a 24-hour thing and that you have been catching up with Emma! I'm still amazed and rejoicing over God's mercy on your beautiful daughter. I just LOVE that she's getting chubby! She looks great!!!