Thursday, January 7, 2010

Light at the end of this tunnel....

Emma continues to make amazing progress!!! She is now eating 50cc pretty much whenever she tells us she is hungry or 4 hours, whichever comes first... so far she definitely lets us know!!! We turned her oxygen down to 1 1/2 liters yesterday and are down to 1 liter today with the hope of switching from the high-flow oxygen to a regular big girl nasal cannula tomorrow... She might have to come home on oxygen for the first few weeks to a month or so, we shall see how her progress goes... She received her immunization shots today and so has been a bit cranky all day. I was informed today that she could come home in as soon as 2 weeks, depending on her progress, more than likely 3 weeks!!!!! We are signed up for the required infant CPR class Saturday. Dad and I cannot WAIT to have her home with us!!!! We have been here 11 weeks today...77 days which has felt so long on some days and other days has felt like it has flown by. She continues to grow everyday, 5lb 4oz today! Will keep the updates coming!!!


Daina Richard said...

This is such wonderful news Amber and Robert. I can imagine how "interesting" this has been for all of you but the good news is that you have a beautiful baby girl coming home very soon. I'm honored that I was able to witness God's blessings for you and Emma. I am so excited to hold her very soon! Great job Mommy and Daddy!

Anonymous said...

Wow Amber I am so Happy for you guys! You are coming along slowly but surely! I always new Emma had it in her! I pray daily for you guys! Please continue to keep us posted this is such a blessing! <3 Tawny

Mike & Christine said...

God is so merciful!!! Emma looks amazing! She's getting so chubby!

Is she in preemie size clothes now?

Kristy said...

She is growing - what a beautiful girl!!!
God is so good and faithful! Thank you for writing it down and sharing it with us - it really strengthens my faith to see His faithfulness again and again!
You're doing an amazing job!!!
Kristy Smith

Anonymous said...

WOW how time passes so fast. Our prayers continue that great news continues to come your way and that Emma come home really soon. Believing in Miracles !!!!! John and Cynthia Ledesma (ACF)