Friday, October 30, 2009

Hooray for Good Days!!!

Sorry to have missed yesterday. I had good intentions to do this daily but it has proven to be hard to do. Emma had another good day yesterday. Still tweaking the ventilator. Otherwise a good day. Today however has been even better!!! They decreased the humidity in the incubator to 75%- down from 90%. They stopped the bilirubin light- this means her liver is kicking in well. They have increased her feedings to 4cc every 3 hours and she is doing excellent with it!!! She had a poop today!!! Yea poop!!! Her chest x rays have been looking great, no more collapsed lung!!! I was able to lube her up in her lotion today and changed her diaper! But the best part of the day... she is beginning to open her eyes. Beautiful big brown eyes, only about half way so far but hopefully in the next few days they will be fully opened! She weighs 1lb 9 oz today!!! GO EMMA GO!!! THANK YOU JESUS FOR THE GOOD DAYS!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank You Lord Jesus! We all love this child and can't wait to see her! The Tinsley's

Anonymous said...

Yea Poop? :) Only young parents and the elderly would say that! :)
What a joy to read of her progress! and to hear the joy in your words!! Thank You Heavenly Father for making babies so resilient! Thank You for allowing us to ask You for things. Thank You for Acts 17:26-28!!!!
Love you, Amber and Emma!!