Friday, April 9, 2010

The Blessings Flow

Well we had a pretty busy week with appointments just about every day. Sunday was Easter of course and we did the whole Robert's family then my family routine with Emma just along for the ride. By the end of the day we were all pretty exhausted. We received great news after our eye exam on Monday... Emma's blood vessels are fully grown and there is no need to go back to have the exams!!!! We will follow up in a year with a regular opthamologist to make sure everything is still going smoothly. This was such a blessing because the exams are brutal and very hard for Emma and myself to go through!!! We had occupational therapy with no new news, she received her last shot for RSV as the season is coming to an end, we had ECI- early childhood intervention evaluate Emma to see if we qualify for additional therapy through them... the more help the better!!! Mommy finally sat down today to look over some of baby girl's medical bills with GOD again providing for our little family. When I called on one of the bills- which was a few thousand dollars- they informed me we owe a $0.00 balance!!! I called on another bill, also a few thousand dollars, which came out to a $51.20 balance. GOD continues to bless us in every way and we give HIM all the glory for his unending love and providing in ways I never even imagined!!!

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Alexandra said...

aww guys!! she's just getting cuter and cuter by the minute! i don't think i'll want to leave san antonio if i see her in person lol. and the pic of her in the laundry basket ADORABLE. love all 3 of you. god bless and hope 2 see u VERY VERY soon. love alayna and i